CityViews 3/15/12: Oil Shale – Fact or Fiction?/”Worry Lines”


Segment 1:


Some scientists estimate the oil bed under Utah, Colorado and Wyoming amounts to triple the reserves of Saudi Arabia. But environmental groups say that’s speculative. Last night, the Bureau of Land Management hosted a public meeting in Salt Lake City to get public input on a plan to develop over 350,000 acres for oil shale and tar sands in Utah. On Wednesday, we’ll discuss the realities of oil shale development.


  • Jason Hanson, Center of the American West, University of Colorado Boulder
  • Tim Wagner, Sierra Club Jeff Hartley, lobbyist for a variety of energy companies in Utah

You can comment and learn more about the BLM’s oil shale and tar sands plan here. Comment deadline is May 4.

Center for the American West online guide to oil shale: “What Every Westerner Should Know About Oil Shale”




Segment 2:


Mary Toscano’s art can be spare, delicate and playful. Her new exhibit, “Worry Lines,” depicts the fences and natural barriers that separate humans from nature. On Wednesday, Toscano joins us to describe her work and the artistic process.


  • Mary Toscano


The exhibit “Worry Lines” by Mary Toscano opens Saturday, March 17 at the Salt Lake City Main Library, 210 E. 400 S., Salt Lake City. The exhibit is free and open to the public.