CityViews 3/29/12: The Density Dilemma/Endangered Languages


Segment 1:

With population in the Valley expected to balloon over the next 20 years, Salt Lake City is looking for ways to boost its housing stock without encouraging sprawl. The answer, says Mayor Ralph Becker, is doubling up, allowing more mother-in-law apartments and separate dwellings on a single property. But opponents say more density would turn neighborhoods into slums.


  • Salt Lake City Council Chair Soren Simonsen
  • Sydney Fonnesbeck, Greater Avenues Community Council




Segment 2:

Up to 1,500 languages in the United States are in danger of becoming extinct. Many of these are Native American languages and a group of linguists is trying to document as many of the languages as they can while native speakers are alive. On Thursday, we learn more about endangered languages and the race to save these languages.


  • Chris Rogers, Center for American Indian Languages, University of Utah