CityViews 4-26-12: Becoming Bike-Friendly/Violinist William Hagen


Segment 1:

Utah ranks just 31st in the nation when it comes to bike-friendly states. But don’t let the tepid rating dissuade you from hopping on your two-wheeled chariot and taking a spin. More Utah cities and towns are widening roadways to accommodate bike lanes and the state is boosting programs that encourage cycling and bike education. On Thursday, we talk about the allure, benefits and safety aspects of biking in urban areas.


  • Jonathan Morrison, SLC Bicycle Collective
  • Evelyn Tuddenham, Utah Dept. of Transportation
  • Colin Quinn-Hurst, Salt Lake City




Segment 2:

A young violinist from Salt Lake City is competing against seven other musicians for a spot performing with the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra next season. How will the finalists be picked? You decide. On Thursday, William Hagen joins us to talk about the online competition and life as a child prodigy.


  • William Hagen

William Hagen of Salt Lake City is competing to perform next season with the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra. Visit to view the videos and vote for your favorite semi-finalists. Voting will end at 6 p.m MT on Monday, April 30.

  1. Rod

    Arrogance. I live at the mouth of Emigration Canyon, one of the busiest areas for bicyclists in the Valley. Over the years, I’ve observed a correlation: the fancier the bike and bicyclist, the great the number of violations of laws and basic courtesy. As you know, this canyon is narrow and curvy. And almost without exception, the “serious” bikers are the ones who don’t ride single file, run the stop signs, and in some cases harass the pedestrians at the zoo. It’s like, if you have a fancy sports car, you’re more tempted to speed, right?

  2. Jen Milner

    Thanks for the biking discussion! Really useful information and nice to know what’s being done to support cyclists.