CityViews 5/1/12: The Case for Juries/Improving Justice


Segment 1:

The U.S. Constitution doesn’t guarantee being judged by a jury of one’s peers. Instead, the Sixth Amendment creates the right to a speedy, public trial by an impartial jury. But who sits can greatly influence a trial’s verdict. On Tuesday (Law Day), we explore the jury selection process, the types of juries and if the jury system can be improved.


  • Judge Royal Hansen, Presiding Judge, Third District Court
  • Sim Gill, Salt Lake County District Attorney
  • Patrick Anderson, Salt Lake Legal Defender’s Association




Segment 2:

Since criminal and social justice programs eat up about 70 percent of Salt Lake County’s budget, the County hired a consultant last year to review how it’s doing. Now, the recommendations are in and everything’s on the table: sentencing, pre-trial detainment, long-term outcomes. On Tuesday, we’ll talk about ways the justice system can be improved.


  • Salt Lake County Councilman Jim Bradley
  • Salt Lake County District Attorney Sim Gill

You can see the full Salt Lake County Action Plan  for Criminal and Social Justice.

*NOTE: In the interview, Councilman Bradley says the County spends $78,000 per year per jail bed. The actual expenditure is about $40,000 a year.


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