CityViews 6/18/12: Elder Abuse/Good Works Globally


Segment 1:

Aging comes with physical aches and pains, but Utah’s elderly are also being hurt in other ways. Seniors are getting ripped off by scam artists. Some are intimidated by their children and others financially exploited by their grandchildren. A 2011 report shows that Utah seniors lose $1 million to thieves, and that’s in the average week. On Monday, we’ll talk about elder abuse in Utah and ways to increase respect for our elders.


  • Nan Mendenhall, Utah Division of Aging and Adult Protective Services
  • Elizabeth Sollis, Utah Department of Human Services
  • Gregory Ferbrache, Utah Attorney General’s SECURE Strike Force

To report abuse, neglect or exploitation please call  1-800-371-7897.  For more information please visit or



Segment 2:

The best-selling book “Three Cups of Tea” shows the difference one person can make in the developing world, a lesson one Utah woman takes to heart. Rai Farrelly discovered a need in remote Tanzania and has taken on the cause with gusto. On Monday, we discuss how and why Farrelly dipped into the world of international humanitarian efforts.