CityViews 07/30/12: Common Core/Olympics Update


Segment 1:

In 2010, the Utah Board of Education unanimously adopted the Common Core standards, an initiative led by the National Governors Association and the Council of Chief State School Officers in the areas of math and language arts. But ever since then, the State Office of Education has had to defend the Common Core from fierce criticism by conservative groups and state lawmakers who charge that it will lead to the nationalization of education policy and allow Utah to be manipulated by the federal government for federal funding. Still, Governor Gary Herbert has defended the Common Core, saying it is not a “socialistic” program.



Segment 2:

The whole world is watching as the 2012 London Summer Olympic Games are now underway. And this year’s Olympics have once again drawn attention to Utah, with Mitt Romney, president of the 2002 Winter Games here in Salt Lake City, drawing the ire of British citizens for criticizing the logistics of this year’s games, leading Prime Minister David Cameron to refer to Salt Lake City as the  “middle of nowhere.”


  • BBC Correspondent Joel Hammer

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