CityViews 10/11/12: A Younger Mormon Missionary/Small Biz 101



Segment 1:

Over the weekend, Mormon church leaders made a major change in policy, lowering the age requirement for young members wanting to serve a mission. LDS men will now be allowed to serve at age 18 instead of 19, and women can serve at age 19 instead of 21. The announcement caught many faithful by surprise and set off a firestorm of conversations about how the new policy will affect missionary demographics, marriage patterns and the role of women in the faith. On Thursday, we talk about the implications of lowering the age of missionary service for Mormons and Utah’s culture.


  • Catherine Jeppsen, adjunct sociology instructor, Brigham Young University
  • Jana Reiss, Religion News Service
  • Brad Kramer, blogger, By Common Consent

Catherine Jeppsen in the Washington Post

Jana Reiss in Religion News Service

Brad Kramer in By Common Consent




Segment 2:

Small businesses represent over 96 percent all Utah employers and employ 46 percent of the state’s private sector. But with limited staffing, tight budgets and competition from national chains, how can small businesses survive and thrive today? On Thursday, we talk about how small businesses can grow and succeed.


  • Mike Brian, Penna Powers Brian Haynes


Mike Brian presents the keynote presentation “Branding & Marketing for Small Business” at the 1st Annual Small Business Summit being held Wednesday, Oct. 17 from 7:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. at the Radisson Hotel Downtown, 215 S. West Temple, Salt Lake City. Registration is $30. More information at 801-364-3631.

  1. Erin Huebner Gloege

    Do the guests think that this change might change the college graduation rates for women? In what way?