CityViews 11/12/12: Utah’s Latino Vote/Writing for Social Change



Segment 1:

According to Latinovotemap-dot-org, Utah saw a 65 percent increase in the growth of eligible Latino voters in the state since 2000. Yet just 24 percent of Utah’s Latinos voted for the GOP in 2012 in this pre-dominantly Republican state. On Monday, we’ll talk about the battle for Utah’s Hispanic vote.


  • Marco Diaz, Utah Republican Hispanic Assembly
  • Sen. Stuart Reid, (R) Ogden
  • Rep. Rebecca Chavez-Houck, (D) Salt Lake City



Segment 2:

An upcoming conference will focus on the power of writing to effect change, reinforcing the adage that the pen is mightier than the sword. On Monday, we’ll talk with environmental activist and writer Chip Ward about writing and storytelling as a change agent.


  • Chip Ward


Utah Valley University will host its first Conference on Writing for Social Change on Tuesday, Nov. 13. More information on the day-long event is available at