CityViews 11/20/12: Population Growth, the Environment and Policy/ “Manning Up”



Segment 1:

From 2 million inhabitants in Revolutionary times to over 300 million today, the population of the U.S. has seen exponential growth over the past 250 years. While the increase has brought economic prosperity, it’s also spawned fears of exhausting finite resources and providing for aging Baby Boomers. On Tuesday, we talk about the intersection between population and policy with historian Derek Hoff.





Segment 2:

Take two fathers-to-be, throw them in a man-cave and let their fears and fantasies about parenthood take over. That’s the premise of the latest production by Salt Lake Acting Company. On Tuesday, we explore the humor, anxiety and friendship at the center of the play, “Manning Up.”


  • Cynthia Fleming, SLAC
  • Keven Myhre, SLAC
  • Lanny Langston


“Manning Up” runs at Salt Lake Acting Company through Sunday, Dec. 9. For tickets and more information, check out SLAC’s website.