CityViews 12/20/12: The End is Nigh?/EVE 2012


Segment 1:

The Mayan calendar, which dates back to 3114 B.C., ends on Friday, Dec. 21, 2012 and that landmark moment has prompted fears of apocalypse and the end of the world. On Thursday, we’ll discuss what Mayan hieroglyphs and culture really say about the end of the calendar and why the doomsday myth has captured the imagination of so many.


  • Dr. Allen Christenson, Brigham Young University
  • Dr. Mark Rubinfeld, Westminster College

Segment 2:

This year, Salt Lake City is planning a party like it’s the end of world. On Thursday, we get a sneak peek at EVE, Salt Lake City’s New Year Celebration.


  • Nick Como, Downtown Alliance

EVE features live music and family fun on Saturday, Dec. 29, Sunday, Dec. 30 and Monday, Dec. 31 at 10 venues in the city. For a schedule of events and ticket information, check out