CityViews 1/3/13: Salt Lake County Mayor-Elect Ben McAdams/Carol Masheter onWanderlust


Segment 1:

Ben McAdams has served as a Democrat in the Utah Senate since 2009 and as a top adviser to Salt Lake City Mayor Ralph Becker, but on Monday he takes over as Salt Lake County Mayor. On Thursday, we talk with McAdams about  bipartisanship, county finances and his priorities for 2013.


  • Salt Lake County Mayor-Elect Ben McAdams

Segment 2:

In 2011, Carol Masheter came to the conclusion that as much as she loved her career, it was getting in the way of her passion to climb mountains. So she left her job and, days later, was en route to climb another of the Seven Summits. Now she’s conquered them all, written a book about climbing Everest and keeps writing and speaking. On Thursday, Masheter joins me to talk about adventure in retirement.


  • Carol Masheter, “No Magic Helicopter: An Aging Amazon’s Climb of Everest”

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