The Daily Buzz from Sundance 2017: Day 1 (1/20/2017)

The Daily Buzz returns to Park City to cover the 2017 Sundance Film Festival. Join co-hosts John Wildman, Kim Voynar, Lansia Wann, and Minji Chang (from Kollaboration) as they chat with the amazing actors and filmmakers at the fesival. Today’s show begins with a Hot Topics roundtable with industry experts Erik Childress (WGN) and Kim Haywood (Deadcenter). Following that is a series of interviews with Amanda Kernell, director of the the Swedish film Sami Blood, Laura Dunn, Director of the documentary LOOK & SEE: a Portrait of Wendell Berry, Ramona Diaz, Director of the documentary Motherland, and the cast and crew of Dina, direcors Dan Sickles and Antonio Santini as well as the titular Dina Bruno and her husband Scott Levin.