‘LABELED’ Film Festival

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03/24/2017 @ 2:00 pm America/Denver Timezone
Broadway Centre Theatre
111 Broadway
Salt Lake City, UT 84111
Aimee McConkie
'LABELED' Film Festival @ Broadway Centre Theatre | Salt Lake City | Utah | United States

(Screening times vary each day. Please consult www.labeledfilmfestival.org for full program)

In a culture that stigmatizes people living with mental illness, ‘LABELED’ Film Festival challenges audiences to understand the person behind the labels. Stereotypically, movies portray those with mental illness as outcasts, debilitated, isolated, dependent, dangerous, unpredictable, comedic, annoying and incompetent. ‘LABELED’ strives to humanize them as, chances are, you know someone who is touched by mental illness.
‘LABELED’ will showcase thought-provoking films that explore mental health issues from numerous perspectives. It’s designed to bring together a community of health providers, government agencies, educators, policy makers, caregivers, and individuals who want to better understand and support those with mental illness.

Please see our opening social event, the ‘LABELED’ Sound OFF, 23 March, at the Natural History Museum of Utah, posted separately on this site.

Alliance House is the host of ‘LABELED’. For 30 years, they have championed psycho-social programs for those living with Severe Persistent Mental Illness (SPMI). Alliance House members have the unique opportunity to connect into a supportive and collaborative community to rebuild their confidence and have purpose.
Learn more at www.labeledfilmfestival.org