Frank Resigns, But Warns of Voter Lawsuit if Boundaries Aren’t Re-drawn

(KCPW News) Former State Representative Craig Frank won’t attempt to force the state legislature to give him his job back, after learning he lives outside the boundaries of his own district. But speaking outside the Utah House Chambers this afternoon, Frank said he still hopes the legislature will re-draw those boundaries right when the session begins next week.

“I want them to re-draw the lines so that 2,550 people in my neighborhood, and my family actually, have representation, representation that has been voted on by elected leadership within District 57,” Frank said.

And if the lines aren’t redrawn, Frank expects some of the Utah County residents he used to represent will go to court.

“There’s still a group of citizens that are quite angry over this, and they have in fact assured me that if the legislature doesn’t fix this within the first week of the session that they will fix it in court,” said Frank. “And so, I would say to them that is their right.”

Frank moved out of his district in January 2009, but because of a mistake in the Utah County Clerk’s map, he thought he still lived in the right boundaries. He only discovered the error earlier this month. That same mistake means several residents have been voting in the wrong election ever since the legislative boundaries were re-drawn in 2001.