Democrats Say They Will Fight Education Cuts, States Rights Bills

(KCPW News)  Responding to Governor Gary Herbert’s State of the State Address Wednesday, Utah House Minority Leader David Litvack pledged Democrats will fight attempts to slash public and higher education budget during what are likely to be contentious negotiations during this session of the Utah Legislature.

“No company can survive by denying research and development or money for new capital.  The same applies to our neighborhood schools.  It is time we see our children and the skills they need to succeed in life as our greatest economic investment,” said Litvack.

Senate Minority Leader Ross Romero said the party will continue attempts to improve education by supporting programs to attract top teachers and ensure children can read commensurately by the third-grade.

Romero also reiterated his party’s support of the Utah Compact, which calls for a humane approach to immigration reform.  He added that Democrats won’t take part in the many “states rights” bills surfacing this session.

“We will not be sidetracked by politically motivated message bills, or efforts to take on the federal government.  These actions waste precious time and expose the state to potential lawsuits,” said Romero.

Democrats also pledged to aggressively fight financial fraud in Utah, which Romero says has reached $1.4 billion dollars.

Listen to the full Democratic response here: