Governor: Concealed Carry Permit Should Still be Required

(KCPW News) A legislative proposal to make it easier to carry a concealed weapon in Utah is attracting both friends and foes. Republican Representative Carl Wimmer’s bill would allow anyone who can legally purchase a gun to carry a concealed weapon, without getting a concealed firearm permit first. Supporter Clark Aposhian, who is a concealed carry instructor, says it wouldn’t have much of an impact.

“When it comes right down to it, this bill, if passed, the only change it would make is it would allow you to take that firearm that you can already without a permit carry out in the open, and put a jacket on it,” he told KCPW.

Aposhian also notes that Utahns are already allowed to conceal a loaded weapon in their cars, homes and businesses without a permit.

But one powerful Utahn thinks the concealed weapon permit should still be required: Utah Governor Gary Herbert.

“I do support having to have a permit for a concealed weapon,” said the governor. “I think those are necessary and important, and it’s worked very well. I don’t really see the big problems. We end up having people make it into a bigger issue than I think it really is in the reality.”

Herbert spoke at his monthly news conference on KUED. You can listen to a recent conversation on gun legislation in Utah from Politics Up Close.

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