Lawmaker Proposes “Family Policy” for Utah

(KCPW News) LGBT advocates are enraged by a bill sponsored by Republican Representative Lavar Christensen that would create a “family policy” for Utah.

It declares that the fundamental unit of society is a family consisting of a married man and woman, and their children.  And it requires that state law  “respect and promote the essential and complementary roles of both a father and a mother.”

Another bill Christensen is sponsoring would declare that any transaction that is against public policy would be void. That could mean if both bills are passed, any contract between gay couples could be nullified.

Christensen is the author of Utah’s Constitutional Amendment 3, which declares that only marriages between a man and a woman are recognized in Utah.

  1. Athena

    Who is he to determine what real family is?! Last time I checked family was about love, support, forever, forgiveness, etc. Not who is in the family, this man has no right to determine this. Family is diverse and that needs to be considered. Some people are so ignorant if there was a so called “God” dont you think he/she would be an accepting being who did not care about some thing so little as sexual orientation? Dont you think he/she would look down upon discriminating against someones right to love who ever the hell they want or to look down upon any kind of hatred? This is complete hatred this is surely no god I’d like to worship.

  2. Curious

    The “ordained by God” part plays heavily in this. Will couple married in a courthouse be stripped of rights under this new law since no religious component was involved? Will childless couples also be stripped of rights since children are specified in this legislation?