Sandstrom: Not Watering Down My Bill

(KCPW News) Responding to concerns about the cost and resources it would take to enforce his anti-illegal immigration bill, Republican Representative Stephen Sandstrom unveiled major changes to it yesterday at the State Capitol. It still requires officers to verify the immigration status of anyone suspected of a Class A misdemeanor or felony, when there is “reasonable suspicion” the person is in the country illegally. But it makes that optional for lesser crimes. Sandstrom said the goal is to catch the criminal element of the illegal immigrant community.

“And quite frankly right now, if we take all the people’s names that have been here and they haven’t committed a felony, they are not a criminal re-entrant into the United States, or have not overstayed a visa, most likely ICE would not take custody of that person,” he said.

Sandstrom also noted the new bill more clearly defines what circumstances could make an officer suspicious:

“Not having a valid Utah driver’s license, not having a valid state ID, tribal card, and it lists the various types of identification that will be – if you don’t have those – the basis for reasonable suspicion,” said the lawmaker. “We’re not leaving the door wide open.”

Sandstrom denied that these changes amount to “watering down” his bill. He was joined by the Utah Minuteman Project at yesterday’s announcement.

  1. Brittanicus


    The people of America are just beginning to understand the cost of illegal immigration? ITS not millions of dollars, but in truth its billions of dollars each year. It starts with the burden of Plyer Vs. Doe in the federal court system, that mandated an education for all illegal alien child up to K-12. It’s not just the federal government that pays for this out of your taxes, but States also must extract money from their own taxpayer’s base. A proportion of legal scholars see the Texas Pyler v Doe as a dismissal of Congressional empowerment; as a challenge to make up for the legislative branch’s indifference and rampant neglect in dealing with the illegal immigration invasion through these last thirty years. This has became the highest pinnacle to judicial advocacy at its worst; starting in 1962. It is no wonder schools are now crammed with the children of illegal aliens, and that doesn’t give much room for our own citizen students and resident aliens to receive a decent education.

    Our government should not be siding with any foreign corrupt administration, but standing for the US people. Instead of playing an evil Uncle Sam they should not be contesting Arizona’s right to financial survival and giving no support to any Southern neighbor or patronizing them against our own citizens. A well publicized example is the failure in the California classroom, which has descended to around 30th in performance against other States. Public education is the largest expenditure to the US government, states and local governments sustained on behalf of illegal aliens. A reputable immigration projection indicates it will account for 96 percent increase in the school-age population in the United States over the next 50 years. Illegal aliens will account for as much as half of the increase, if our laws are not severely enforced. However, this is only a tiny scratch that doesn’t even touch the under surface of paying for just about everything for illegal aliens, specifically those who inherited instant citizenship for their children.

    Then we have the illegal worker using fraudulent ID documents to get a job. If that same identification can get a job, surely they can use those papers to mislead public servants to apply for every conceivable welfare benefit. Make a point of joining the TEA Party, or a pro sovereignty organization such as NumbersUSA who allows free faxes to your lawmakers. Above all else place a call with the federal switchboard at 202-224-3121. Ask to be connected to your Senate or Representative and speak your conscious. Americans must demand E-Verify mandated worker authentication system compliant with the I-9 form nationwide, with no exemptions. Learn much more about illegal immigration costs, corruption and overpopulation future at The Social Contract Press web site.