Hostile Cable Host Calls Chaffetz “Tax Criminal”

(KCPW News) Utah Congressman Jason Chaffetz defended himself against repeated accusations that he’s a tax criminal from a hostile MSNBC host last night.

Lawrence O’Donnell slammed Chaffetz for sleeping in his congressional office to save money without declaring it as a benefit on his tax return.

The congressman, who smiled and laughed throughout the interview even though he was cut off repeatedly, said he rejected O’Donnell’s claim, and was just trying to save money for his family.

Chaffetz later tweeted that the interview was “a bit over the top.” He also posted that he was on the House floor until 4 a.m. last night as Congress worked on a spending bill.

Watch the video below:

  1. Robert

    That reporter is a total scumbag. I love to ask that reporter some questions. Is the reporter smoking crack?

  2. steven

    O’donnel is an uneducated ass-wipe who does not know anything about taxes. He clearly demonstrated himself as an ass to anyone who may have been on the fence..