Resolution Calls On Utah Lawmakers To Stop Work On Immigration Bills

(KCPW News) One Utah senator wants the state to take a back seat in immigration legislation. Senate Minority Leader Ross Romero introduced SJR 18 today, a resolution calling on the Utah legislature to stop the advancement of any immigration bills and instead leave the issue up to the federal government.

“It’s an effort to give the federal government truly a chance to act. Across the United States, many other states are taking up this issue; I think it’s clear that it is going to be conveyed in a way not conveyed before that the federal government needs to take this issue up,” said Romero.

Romero says too many state measures are being undone at the federal level, causing division in communities. That’s why he wants to give Washington until 2013 to develop a more comprehensive plan.

“Recently Senator Hatch came to the senate floor at I challenged him pretty pointedly – You have to do something, if you don’t stand up and show leadership, who can? And he said ‘this is a tough issue, but I am going to take the challenge.’ So, I would like to give Senator Hatch the opportunity to fulfill that pledge and commitment and to take the challenge and to move immigration reform measures forward,” said Romero.

Romero’s bill will be presented to committee tomorrow morning. Another resolution – SJR 12 – presented by Senator Stuart Reid passed a House Committee this morning. It calls for Congress to grant states the authority to deal with immigration, if federal lawmakers won’t resolve the issue themselves.

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