No Need for Concealed Permit Under GOP Bill

(KCPW News) Concealed weapons permits would become optional, under a bill debated by Utah lawmakers this morning. Republican Representative Carl Wimmer’s bill allows anyone who can legally purchase a handgun to conceal it. But House Minority Leader David Litvack noted the Bureau of Criminal Identification currently has the ability to revoke a concealed weapons permit if someone commits a crime, and argued this bill would do away with those checks and balances.

“I go out, I buy a weapon, have a concealed weapons permit, never been in problems with the law, but then do and get arrested and convicted of domestic violence, I can still carry,” said Litvack.

The bill was also opposed by the head of the Utah Commission on Criminal and Juvenile Justice.

The committee opted not to vote on the bill, but to hold it for later. Wimmer says he felt blindsided by some of the opposition.

“There was not a real strong effort from those who opposed the bill to come and talk to me and work out the issues,” Wimmer later said. “Had they done so, I would have worked with them. I believe this bill is going to make it out of committee. We’ll just bring it back next week after we’ve looked at some of those and we’ll bring it back.”

Wimmer is a concealed weapons permit instructor himself. He noted there are no proficiency requirements in the concealed weapons permit course, though some courses are offered that include shooting training.