School Bus Advertising Bill Clears Senate

(KCPW News) A bill that would allow school bus ads to bring in cash for school districts is close to becoming law. Republican Representative Jim Bird has been working on the bill for the past year, because he says more money needs to go to busing students in hazardous areas. Last year, his bill died in the House Education Committee.

“So, we brought it back and ran it in the House and as you know it had some trouble early, but we fixed that and we were able to get it out of the House and today it passed the second reading in the Senate,” said Bird.

Under the bill, ads for tobacco, drugs, gambling, and sexual material aren’t allowed, or ads for political candidates or issues. But Senate Majority Leader Scott Jenkins was still concerned about what kinds of ads could end up on school buses.

“What ability does the district have to censor what is offered?” he asked. “In other words if you offer this space, if available, can others who have interests, such as Planned Parenthood , the Army, the National Guard, can you prevent any of those from being on your bus?”

Representative Bird says yes, but only if the ads go against community standards. The Senate approved the bill in a 17-to-7 vote Tuesday. It will be voted on one more time before going to the governor.