Article Looks at BYU’s Honor Code & Minority Athletes

(KCPW News) While Brigham Young University earned praise from some sports commentators for sticking to its values after dismissing athlete Brandon Davies from the basketball team for an honor code violation, a new article on the sports website Deadspin examines what it calls “The Truth About Race, Religion, And The Honor Code At BYU.” It’s co-authored by Darron Smith, a former BYU instructor who has often examined the relationship between the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and African Americans. KCPW’s Jeff Robinson asked Smith what the black athletes who shared their opinions in the article had to say.

  1. Joel Gentillon

    I’m disappointed that kcpw would give a stage to this hateful, one sided smear. All BYU students know about the honor code and promise to obey it. Athletes, as with all other BYU students, have to talk to school and church leaders to get admitted. Any BYU student who says they didn’t understand the honor code is lying. I also disagree with the article’s assertion that there is racial discrimination at BYU. Just because some disgruntled people make accusations doesn’t mean they are true. It is evident that very little research was done when writing this article. I’m a long time KCPW listener and contributer in the last fund drive. Classless poorly researched articles like this seriously make me reconsider giving in the future.