Library Aims for Transparency

(KCPW News) After months of discontent in the Salt Lake City Library system, the Library Board took steps yesterday to begin making its meetings more transparent, hoping to begin involving the public more in what’s going on. Library Director Beth Elder says she wants to make sure proceedings going on inside the library are easily accessible to everyone who wants to view them.

“It has to do with posting agendas, minutes, recordings of meetings on our website as quickly as possible,” she says. “It also includes soliciting feedback from the community about decisions the board will be making in the future.”

More will be done in the coming months, including creating a web page for each of the board members with an e-mail address where the public can reach them directly.

And at yesterday’s meeting, the board heard from Clint Watson, president of the Library Employees Organization or LEO, which deals with employee conflicts or grievances. He suggested the board hear from someone in his group every month.

“What I requested was, that LEO actually get allotted a spot on the agenda for a report from LEO, the way the director gives a report, and the financial services director gives a report, so LEO would actually give a report at each meeting about the status of morale, staff opinion, at the board meeting,” he explained.

The board will discuss more changes in a retreat later this summer.