Politics Up Close: State GOP Chairman Thomas Wright

(KCPW News) Many in the Utah Republican Party are unhappy with the state’s current leadership, with several GOP delegates letting Governor Gary Herbert know in no uncertain terms they’re mad over his decision to sign a guest worker permit bill into law. Does this indicate a significant rift within the party? Utah Republican Party Chairman Thomas Wright joined us in the studio.

  1. Mike Ridgway

    So Jeff, will any of the other candidates in the race for Utah Republican Party chair, be joining you in the studio before the UTGOP’s state convention this Saturday, June 18, 2011?

  2. Jared

    Many in the state are unhappy with the leadership in the state, so rather than invite one of the GOP Chair challengers onto your show you instead invite Thomas Wright, the insider of all insiders in Utah? That doesn’t make much sense unless your goal is to hear the GOP state leadership’s false spin on reality.