Delegate Says Party Should Find LGBT Representative

(KCPW News) Before Democratic State Representative Jackie Biskupski resigned from the Utah Legislature earlier this week, she was the last remaining gay state lawmaker. Does this mean the Democratic Party should strive to replace her with someone who is also LGBT? For one Democratic delegate in her Salt Lake City district, the answer is yes. KCPW’s Jeff Robinson spoke with PRIDE in Utah blogger and activist Eric Ethington, asking him why he thought Biskupski’s replacement should be LGBT.

  1. Michael Picardi

    The question was never asked as to what exactly the LGBT legislators had accomplished. It must be recognized that nothing came out of having them as opposed to allies. The down side that was not addressed, is that as an openly LGBT person begins to speak on the floor, the super majority party simple ignores them.
    What district 30 needs is plain and simple: a strong Democrat who believes in and will fight for human rights for everyone, not just the LGBT Community.

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