Politics Up Close: Utah Senate Pres. Michael Waddoups on Redistricting

(KCPW News) The Salt Lake City Main Library recently became an outlet for some residents to vent their frustration with the state’s redistricting process as the legislature’s redistricting committee held a meeting there. They were particularly concerned with a proposed map drawn by Senate President Michael Waddoups, but Waddoups says it was just an approach to creating more discussion. He joined us to talk about his approach to redistricting.

  1. Mark Taylor

    I was listening to this today not knowing who Jeff was speaking to. I had heard that Waddoups is not very bright. After about 4 minutes, I concluded that whoever this Senator is, he’s a fool. I came on KCPW’s site to find out who it was. Waddoups cares more about protecting incumbents than the voters in that area. And “there are no independent panels”. Maybe not 100% but an independent panel would be better than having our politically homogenous government select the districts. We need a more balanced government in Utah. And a more intelligent one.