NPR’s Melissa Block Speaks to KCPW About “Beginnings”

The series "Beginnings" examines the medical and cultural complexities of childbirth both around the globe and here in the U.S. Photo credit: Mohamed Riffath/sxc

(KCPW News)  Today NPR’s All Things Considered will launch a three-month long series of stories titled “Beginnings” which explores pregnancy, childbirth, and parenting practices around the world.  One of the program’s hosts, Melissa Block, traveled to Mozambique in Africa to research the parenting culture there.  She told KCPW’s Eric Ray  how the idea for the series originated.


Part of the “Beginnings” series includes a blog called “The Baby Project.”

NPR's Melissa Block visits with a mother and daughter in Mozabique Photo credit: NPR, Andrea Hsu

NPR's Melissa Block visits with villagers in Mozambique Photo credit: NPR, Andrea Hsu




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