Quilt Remembers Fallen Soldiers

The Lost Heroes Art Quilt on display at the Utah State Capitol.

(KCPW News) A quilt embroidered with the picture of a fallen soldier from every state who fought in the Iraq and Afghanistan wars is being displayed in Utah as part of a nationwide tour. The Lost

Heroes Art Quilt created by Julie Feingold is on view at the Utah Capitol in the Hall of Governors. Lieutenant Governor Greg Bell joined members of the Utah National Guard at a ceremony today honoring those soldiers and the artist.

“While wars are fought by defense departments and presidents and countries and armies, they’re really fought by individual men and women.” He says. “It’s important therefore that every soldier who falls and every soldier who serves to know what they did. What they died for.”

Tim and Faye Dolan’s son represents Utah in the quilt. Private First Class Daniel Dolan lost his life in Baghdad at 19 years old. Faye Dolan says all Daniel ever wanted was to serve his country and his state.

“He’s Utah born and bred. ” She says. “He loved the state. He loved the fact that there was winter. He told all his friends. His comrades would tell me when we went back to Fort Lewis to see him, they’d say Dan wanted to bring us all home with him, because he was so proud of coming from Utah. So in that sense, yeah, Dan belongs on there.”

The Lost Heroes Art Quilt will be on display in the State Capitol through July 12th, after which it will continue the tour, ending in Washington D.C.