Tooele County Wildfire Started by Target Shooting

(KCPW News) A wildfire burning 45 miles west of Salt Lake City highlights the need to be careful when recreating on public lands. Bureau of Land Management Spokeswoman Erin Darboven says the human-caused Lakeside Fire was started by target shooting. She says the grasses are dry and ripe for someone to start a fire.

“We’re asking folks to just take precaution when they’re out there target shooting or recreating on public lands,” she says. “That would involve bringing water, bringing an extinguisher, bringing a shovel in the event of your activities starting a fire.”

The fire, which started Saturday afternoon, has burned about 12,000 acres in Tooele County, 10 miles north of I-80. It’s been 50 percent contained as of the latest update.

Darboven says the exact circumstances of the wildfire are still under investigation.

“If negligence is involved, generally speaking, then responsible parties could be responsible for the cost of suppressing a wildfire,” Darboven says.

About 65 firefighters from federal, state and local agencies have been battling the fire. The BLM estimates with better conditions today, it will be contained by 8 p.m. The agency is still investigating who started the Red Butte fire earlier this month in Salt Lake City as well.