HB 116 Opponents Want Repeal by End of September

(KCPW News) A group of activists and state lawmakers rallied Wednesday afternoon during a special session of the legislature in support of repealing the guest worker law passed during the 2011 session. Brandon Beckham, who helped lead the effort to pass resolutions at the county and state GOP conventions, says the bill had warning signs from the start. He says those who voted for the bill and Governor Gary Herbert are traitors who will be held accountable in the 2012 election.

“Make no mistake, the main goal of HB 116 is provide amnesty for illegal aliens and protect cheap labor for businesses. That is it,” he said. “And it does this at the expense of our laws, American jobs and legal immigrants.”

The group has set a target date of September 30th to get the law repealed and replaced. Republican Senator Steve Urquhart does not believe those who supported HB 116 are traitors, but still wants it repealed.

“I think that everyone is searching for ways to get the federal government to move on this, but I think a bunch of states throwing out amnesty schemes, guest worker programs, that’s not the way,” said Urquhart. “The way to do it is through enforcement efforts and that will raise the stakes and that will get Congress to move.”

Urquhart plans to introduce a bill during a special session this fall to strengthen the E-Verify program. Representative Chris Herrod says he plans to sponsor the bill to repeal HB 116. Starting August 1st, the group will launch a statewide program called “learn and repeal,” including events and seminars about the negative impact of the guest worker program.