Lawmaker Wants to Reverse Course on Some Fireworks Changes

(KCPW News) More changes could be coming to Utah’s fireworks laws. Republican Senator John Valentine, who co-sponsored the initial changes during the last legislative session, says he now wants to reverse some of them after receiving dozens of complaints from his constituents.

“I’m proposing that we move back to where we were before the changes this year on the number of days that they can be displayed and the lateness of the hour that they can be displayed. I’m proposing to go back to three of four days before the 4th of July and three or four days before the 24th of July,” he tells KCPW.

The new law allows fireworks to be used from June 26th to July 26th.

Valentine says he doesn’t want to get rid of all the changes, however. He plans to keep the new types of fireworks that were allowed to be sold and ignited in the state this year.

“I think that the fire marshals throughout the state have been fairly clear that we did not see problems related to the aerials themselves,” Valentine says. “The difficulty is we changed the type of firework and we expanded for the whole month of July when they could be displayed and we had no restriction on how late they could be displayed. That’s the two issues that I’m working on.”

Senator Valentine says he plans to introduce a re-write of the bill in the 2012 legislative session, which begins next January.