Cherilyn Eagar Announces Bid For Congress

(KCPW News) A Holladay Republican who took on Senator Bob Bennett in the 2010 election is stepping back into the political limelight to run for Congress. Cherilyn Eagar says the Senate race gave her the ability to travel into Utah’s most rural communities, where she says her ideas for restoring the American dream resonated with both parties.

“We are so frustrated and fed up with big government, big spending and big deficits being passed on to the next generation, that we do understand the definition of less is more.” She says. ” Less Washington and more Utah.”

The congressional lines for the 2012 election haven’t been drawn yet and it’s unclear which office Democratic Congressman Jim Matheson will be running for, but Eagar says she’s convinced her presence as a business owner and political activist will appeal to the region.

“I’ve served my community in charitable and family advocacy, and conservative political activist roles, on the local level, on the state level, the national level and even the United Nations.” Eagar says. “So I feel that that is a very unique background that I will bring to this race.”

Eagar came in fourth at the Republican state convention when she challenged Bennett in 2010. Republican State Representative Carl Wimmer has also announced a congressional bid, while Representative Stephen Sandstrom and Saratoga Springs Mayor Mia Love are considering it.