West Valley Police Investigate Powell Case in Nevada

(KCPW News) New developments in the Susan Powell case are taking West Valley City police detective to Ely, Nevada. Powell has been missing since December of 2009. West Valley Police Sergeant Mike Powell says a team of detectives will conduct a search and investigate new information they have received tomorrow.

“It’s obviously important enough for us to be out there and for us to be able to send out a team of detectives,” says Sgt. Powell. “This has been an ongoing investigation since December of 2009, and we are still actively working it, and we are still actively receiving information in regards to this investigation.”

Chuck Cox, Susan Powell’s father, says he was unaware of the recent developments until reporters began calling him this morning.

He’s hopeful something will turn up in the new search to give his family closure after nearly two years.

“They said they couldn’t tell me about what is was about, or give me any further details, so I am basically in the dark as much as everybody else,” Cox says. “I feel like if they have something positive of solid to give me they would certainly tell me about it. So, it’s not really unusual.

Susan Powell’s husband, Josh, has been the only person of interest in the case. He’s told police he was camping with the couple’s two young sons the night his wife disappeared.