Politics Up Close: Mayor Becker on Sustainability, Broadway Theatre

Salt Lake City Mayor Ralph Becker

(KCPW News) We’ve seen our fair shares of red air quality days this summer in the Salt Lake Valley, not to mention the winter inversions that trap smog to the valley floor several days a year. Now, the Salt Lake City Council will consider an ordinance aimed at stopping residents from idling their cars and sending more pollutants into the air. Salt Lake City Mayor Ralph Becker stopped by for his monthly visit to discuss that and criticism his Broadway-style theatre proposal is facing.

  1. Morganna

    a note on how extreme idling can get~~yesterday I stopped at the Sugarhouse PO,when I parked, the car next to me was idling, the woman in it talking on her cell phone…the line was long, so I looked at the clock, curious to see how long it would take me to get to my turn. 22 minutes. Then I had three packages to mail, one to Canada, so maybe another 4-5 min. When I got back to my car, the same car was next to mine, the woman still talking on her phone, the car idling. Since I was inside, I don’t *know* that it was running the entire time. But I won’t bet against it.

    Especially given our air quality, driver re-education is definitely needed!