Joint Exhibition Remembers Longtime Artist, Art Teacher Doug Snow

V. Douglas Snow, Cockscomb Near Teasdale, 1985, courtesy of the Springville Museum of Art

(KCPW News) A longtime artist and art teacher who passed away in late 2009 is the subject of a joint exhibition opening this week at both the Utah Museum of Fine Arts and Salt Lake Art Center. Final Light: V. Douglas Snow in Retrospect chronicles the work of Doug Snow, who first came into the spotlight nationally in 1957 and later taught at the University of Utah for 35 years. Frank McEntire is the guest curator of the exhibition. KCPW’s Jeff Robinson asked him about his relationship with Snow.


The joint exhibition will open Wednesday night at Salt Lake Art Center and the Utah Museum of Fine Arts with a free public celebration at both venues from 5 to 8 p.m.


V. Douglas Snow, Desert Landscape, 1980, courtesy of the Utah Museum of Fine Arts

V. Douglas Snow, Reprise, 1994, courtesy of Susan Snow and the Stremmel Gallery


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