Leonardo Slated to Open This Fall

(KCPW News) A long-awaited museum that blends science, technology and art in Salt Lake City will be open to the public by mid-fall. The Leonardo on Library Square will open its doors October 8th. Spokeswoman Lisa Davis says the idea of such a project has been around since the late 1980s, with the realization that by bringing those disciplines together, the outcome would be bigger, more interesting and groundbreaking.

“We separate them out so that we can teach them and create textbooks about them, but really life is integrated,” Davis says. “And the idea of creativity and curiosity and innovation is something that’s just inborn in every human being. Different people come at it from different ways and different perspectives and that’s really what the Leonardo is all about.”

Davis says it’s hard to describe what visitors will experience as they walk through The Leonardo’s doors, because there will be so much going on.

“What we’re focusing on is this idea of curiosity and human creativity and innovation,” she says. “And we’re creating different exhibits and different programs and workshops and classes that really get to that and let people enter that and explore that in different ways.”

Some of the exhibits will include a large-scale experimental architecture piece by Canadian artist and architect Philip Beesely, a real-life genetics lab overseen by Nobel Laureate Dr. Mario Capecchi, and a space that focuses on artists and inventors, like the lead shoe designer for Nike and the developers of a smartphone video game. Before it opens, the museum is looking for volunteers to help install Beesely’s piece, called “Hylozoic Ground.”