Hobo Spiders Move Indoors

(KCPW News) With cooler weather fast approaching, spiders are looking to make their way indoors. Kevin Thorn, owner of Spider Spray, says hobo spiders are on the rise across the state this year, and can be harmful to humans.

“It’s the time of year we’re starting to see them, and people have been showing me jars and you know I kind of say, ‘okay let me look at it’ and it’s been hobo spider, hobo spider, hobo spider,” he tells KCPW. “We’ve been seeing a lot more hobo spiders, and this is the active season for the male hobo spiders.”

Katie Wagner, an Assistant Professor of Horticulture with Utah State University’s Salt Lake Extension, agrees with Thorn. She says hobo numbers are up, and because mating season is over, now is the time they will move into homes.

“What’s happening right now is the male hobo spiders are leaving the nest, they’ve mated with the females and so the females are currently laying their eggs, those eggs are going to overwinter and their going to hatch next spring,” she says. “So the males are leaving the nest and they just kind of wander out of the nest and sometimes they end up wandering into people’s homes.”

Experts say hobo spiders are not good climbers, and are often found in garages, bed skirts, or shoes.