Governor’s New Economic Council Meets at Capitol

(KCPW News) Utah Governor Gary Herbert says the focus of his new Economic Development Coordinating Council, which met for the first time this morning at the capitol, is to help create 100,000 jobs in the state within 1,000 days. He says that would happen by continuing to recruit new companies, keeping taxes low with sensible regulation, and helping small businesses access start-up funds.

“You have to have a friendly environment for the business entrepreneur to have success. We need to have those opportunities to attract capital,” says Herbert. “Capital is a coward. We know that capital will only go and play where it’s welcome, where it says, you know, if I play by the rules, I’ll have a chance to have return on my investment.”

Spencer Eccles, Executive Director of the Governor’s Office of Economic Development, is one of the new group’s 11 members.

“Governor Herbert has four cornerstones, one of those is job creation and this council will be tasked with going after the assistance and the facilitation because we all know that government doesn’t create jobs, but the assistance and facilitation of job creation,” he says.

The council also includes representatives from Utah State University, World Trade Center Utah, the Salt Lake Chamber and the Utah Science Technology and Research initiative.

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