Winder Surprised West Valley City Split in Final Map

(KCPW News) Utah’s second-largest city will likely have two representatives in Congress after the 2012 election. West Valley City Mayor Mike Winder says he was surprised to learn that legislators had passed a congressional map that split his city in half.

“Most of the previous maps kept our city whole as a community and did not cut us in half and boy this one really does. In fact, when I take my garbage to the bottom of Winder Lane, it’s practically another congressional district, and other parts of my neighborhood, like my kids will be walking to school from congressional district to another,” he tells KCPW.

The final map was unveiled at about 8 p.m. Monday night and approved by lawmakers within a few hours.

The mayor says he and other city leaders did not get involved in the redistricting process, but now that it’s over, he says he’s looking at the positives that can come out of having two representatives in Washington.

“65,000 will be in District 2 and 65,000 will be in Congressional District 4; those are both significant population sizes that any Congress representative would ignore at their own peril, so we actually think there will be advantages to having two members of Congress we can go to,” he says.

Nearly all of Salt Lake City was kept in the same congressional district. The congressional map must get final approval from the Governor before taking effect.