State Expands Renewable Energy Rebate

(KCPW News) The Utah Office of Energy Development has made more funds available for its Renewable Energy Rebate Program as a result of its popularity. The state has added an additional $200,000 in rebate money to the original $1 million for the installation of solar photovoltaic, thermal, and wind energy systems. Office of Energy Development Director Samantha Mary Julian says although the program is funded through one-time federal stimulus money, the state will continue to seek grants to keep the project alive.

“Any time there is availability to bring dollars to our residents and business, we’re going to write those grants and apply to those different dollars that may be coming out because the DOE is going to continue to give money out for renewable energy and energy efficiency, and we want some of that to come to our communities here in Utah,” she explains.

Julian says the program has created more than $4.6 million dollars of economic activity across the state, including a whole winter and spring’s worth of work for contractors that install alternative energy systems. Applications for the program will be accepted until all funds are reserved.