Tavaci Development May Still be Re-Zoned

(KCPW News) Cottonwood Heights Mayor Kelvin Cullimore says he’s hoping developer Terry Diehl will reconsider building in his city now that it may re-zone his Tavaci development at the mouth of Big Cottonwood Canyon.

“We recognize that what we’re proposing right now some will view as an attempt to placate the developer, when in reality, what we’re really trying to do is encourage development on that property in a way that we really think is viable, we think that is good for the city, good for the property,” he tell KCPW.

If the new zoning changes are approved, Diehl would be allowed to build 150 to 195 housing units on 43 acres, rather than 40.

But his attorney, Bruce Baird, says the developer will likely reject the deal, saying he no longer feels he can be treated fairly in Cottonwood Heights, where just two years ago his plans included developing a hotel, restaurant and commercial space.

“My client’s intention is still to disconnect into the county, and the ordinance that’s being proposed doesn’t change that opinion because it’s further evidence of the dysfunctionality of both the process and the substance of the dysfunctionality of Cottonwood Heights in treating us properly, fairly.”

If Diehl’s petition to disconnect the property and make it part of unincorporated Salt Lake County is denied, Baird says he will take it to court.