Utah State Bar to Hold Free Legal Clinics Across State

(KCPW News) The Utah State Bar will be working this week to match low-income Utahns with attorneys who can help them out for free. Attorney John Baldwin says several events are planned for National Pro Bono Celebration week.

“On Tuesday is what we call a legal clinic blitz, where legal clinics at the Horizonte school downtown in Salt Lake, at the Utah State Bar, in Provo at Utah Valley University and in St. George, where members of the public will be invited to come in and talk to lawyers, and to have to legal help taken care of on a very informal basis and quickly,” he explains.

Baldwin says the need for free legal help has continued to grow in recent years, which is why these events are so important.

“More and more people are becoming poor and there is more and more lower-middle class and lower-income people today in America, and they need legal help,” says Baldwin. “There are family law issues, there are landlord-tenant issues, there are child protection issues, there’s a lot more problems that people are facing.”

Events this week will also focus on celebrating pro bono attorneys and raising awareness for more of them to step forward. View the full schedule of events on the Utah State Bar’s website.