Campaign Urges Utah Parents to “Act Early” on Developmental Disorders

(KCPW News) Utah parents will soon have some help tracking their children’s development and learning about the warning signs of autism and other developmental disorders. The Utah Department of Health has launched a new campaign, dubbed Utah Act Early, to let parents know which developmental milestones should be reached during a child’s early years. Program Coordinator Al Romero says it includes a website that outlines all the milestones a child should achieve by each birthday.

very important because the earlier we find those possible developmental delays, the earlier we can get them in for screening, testing, and treatment so that they can join their peers in school helping them be ready to learn,” he says.

Romero says one in every nine children in Utah has a special heath care need, chronic heath condition, or disability.

He says the new campaign will give parents the tools they need to know what to ask doctors to look for when having their children examined.

“Those feelings that the parents have that something isn’t right can help tip doctors off that they need to take a little bit closer look,” says Romero. “Parents are often seeing that their children may not on be on par with their peers, walking, saying as many words, those are some of those things that parents are a little better catching where the doctor may not see those on a regular basis.”

For more information, visit the Utah Act Early website.

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