Politics Up Close: Rocky Anderson Wants to Form New Party

(KCPW News) Former Salt Lake City Mayor Rocky Anderson pulls no punches when giving his thoughts on the state of the Democratic Party, describing it as both “spineless” and “gutless.” Citing the party’s unwillingness to fight for universal healthcare, lack of opposition to the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and over-reliance on corporate money, the former mayor has quit for good. He says instead, the country needs a new party, one he says would represent the interests of the American people. Anderson joined us in the studio.


In the second segment of the show, hoping to make large-scale solar projects a reality faster, the Obama Administration has proposed “solar energy zones” on public lands in several Western states, includingUtah. We talked with Sara Baldwin of Utah Clean Energy about what this means and the hurdles we have yet to overcome to put solar energy on the market on a massive scale.


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