Hatch Acknowledges Seeking Fed. Help for Now-Bankrupt Firm

Salt Lake Tribune Washington Correspondent Thomas Burr

(KCPW News) When Democrats criticized Republican Utah Senator Orrin Hatch for supporting Raser Technologies, a Provo-based green energy firm that went bankrupt, his office insisted he never tried to steer federal funds toward the company. But now, they’ve done a 180-degree turn, acknowledging the Senator, who has sharply criticized the White House for its loan to Solyndra, in fact submitted seven requests for federal cash on the company’s behalf. Every Friday, we talk with Thomas Burr, Washington Correspondent for the Salt Lake Tribune and author of Political Cornflakes, a daily, online round-up of Utah politics. KCPW’s Jeff Robinson asked Burr what prompted Hatch’s office to acknowledge its mistake.


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