Congressional Ad Says “Send S.W.A.T. to Clear Congress”

One of the new ads for Rep. Wimmer's Congressional campaign

(KCPW News) New online ads for Republican Representative Carl Wimmer’s Congressional campaign highlight his experience as a law enforcement officer, urging voters to “Send a Cop to Congress” or to “Send SWAT to Clear Congress.” Wimmer notes that he was a SWAT team leader for more than five years, and says he’s not concerned the message will generate any controversy.

“The ad is intended to get people’s interest piqued, and to get people to click on the ad and watch the video. You’ll see that the video is more about the economy and about the direction of our country and about the things that I’ve been involved in over the years,” he told KCPW.

Matthew Burbank, associate professor of political science at the University of Utah, says Wimmer’s message of voting the incumbents out of Congress is obvious, but there’s a risk the ad will send the wrong signal.

“It does raise some issues. We wouldn’t normally think of sending in armed people to change political voting patterns,” Burbank  says. “It seems like that’s probably not really the most appropriate message to be trying to send.”

Wimmer’s ad features a photo and endorsement from Utah Senator Mike Lee at the bottom. The political director for Lee’s campaign, Dan Hauser, told KCPW that it’s not a concern, saying the message is a play on Wimmer’s experience leading a SWAT team. A third ad calls Wimmer a “proven conservative.”

  1. Ruby

    Wimmer believes in forcing his views on people who disagree. His rhetoric about respect for the law is disproven by his personal quest to take choice away from women by trying to close down non-profits that provide health services to women. He’s a misogynist who doesn’t hesitate to use his access to lawmaking to create a state where the only family planning option women have is to without sex or risk death.

    After 25+ years in Utah, I do not know a single woman who has not relied upon Planned Parenthood at one time or another in her life (ranging from low cost local clinics, website, resources made available at community events, phone information, classes and/or the wide variety of information available in their publications). Wimmer, our small government guy, actually suggested that the Health Department (whose budget the legislature controls) would be a better alternative to the non-profit.

    It’s hardly surprising that when actually challenged his reaction is to send out armed public servants to get his way.