Bank Changes Frustrate Customers

(KCPW News)  Changes at one of the state’s largest banks are leaving some customers scratching their heads.  Gwen Page, who has banked at Zions for more than 10 years, says she was surprised to learn the bank is making changes to many of their checking accounts and letting customers know through a letter in the mail.

“The letter said that for the same checking account that I had with them that they were raising the amount by $500 that I had to hold in that checking account for the same services that I am currently being offered,” says Page.

Page says it is not the money that frustrates her, but that Zions is implementing the changes right before the holidays.

Executive Vice President of Zions Bank Rob Brough says the changes are a result of the bank downsizing their checking offerings from twelve to three.

“I think it is sort of normal course of business.  If you’re a bank or if you’re any other business you’re constantly evaluating your products and services to be sure that you have the right product set,” says Brough.  “One of the things that we found with 12 products was that it was too many to manage from a sales standpoint.”

Brough says there have been some complaints about the changes and encourages anyone with concerns to speak with a branch representative.