Wimmer, Matheson Discusss Congressional Race

(KCPW News) Herriman Representative Carl Wimmer says he plans to retire Jim Matheson in 2012. Matheson announced plans yesterday to run for Utah’s new Congressional fourth seat instead of seeking re-election for the second district where he has served for the past ten years.

“I look forward to showing the contrast between his record and my record,” Wimmer says.  “His record of supporting Obama Care and my record of passing the bill that gave 26 states in the nation standing against Obama care. His record of supporting the bailouts and my record of never supporting a tax increase.”

Matheson tells KCPW the new congressional boundaries drawn this fall by  the Utah Legislature sparked the change because most of his constituents were moved into district four.

“I feel a real connection with a good part of the fourth congressional district and what I know is that they like the approach that I take in my job,”  Matheson says. “They are tired of congress being dominated by bickery and partisanship and they know that I am the kind of guy that will roll up my sleeves and reach across the aisle and try and get things done. I am going to make sure people know who I am and I think that’s the path to victory.”

Orem Representative Stephen Sandstrom has also announced his candidacy for the seat along with attorney Jay Cobb. Saratoga Springs Mayor Mia Love is expected to make her formal announcement soon.