Lee Tells State Lawmakers To Fight For Access to Lands

(KCPW News) Republican Senator Mike Lee was at the State Capitol today, visiting with lawmakers and delivering a 500-page written report to each of them with updates on what he is doing in Washington.  Lee urged lawmakers and citizens not to forget the importance of what is “rightfully ours,” something he says he’s fighting for in Washington every day.

“We ought to have a right to have a federal government that balances its budget every year. We have a right to develop and gain access to our public lands so as to make possible the development  of what should be and what I predict what one day will be the greatest public education system in entire the United States of America,” said Lee.

On Tuesday, Congressman Jim Matheson told the legislature that leaders of both political parties need to spend less time thinking about the election and more time working across party lines. But Lee said bipartisanship in Washington is not hard to find.

“We try all the time to agree and we often do. Those ones of course don’t make many headlines. But it is not dead. The fact that there is sometimes either gridlock or the appearance of gridlock is the inevitable outcome of the fact that not everyone agrees,” said Lee.

Lee has set up a “mobile office” at the State Capitol, where some of his staffers are stationed during the legislative session.